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Actively shape the thriving e-mobility market with your innovative and interoperable EV charging products.

What is the CharIN Academy?

CharIN Academy is the educational initiative of the CharIN association providing everyone an opportunity to benefit from practice-oriented trainings on e-mobility and charging topics. It is our mission to support the global transition to emission-free mobility by offering industry-leading trainings on e-Mobility & EV charging topics.

Our experienced trainers are leading experts in their respective domains and deliver state-of-the-art know how to interested parties of all knowledge levels in a pragmatic and interactive way. It is our goal to enable the whole ecosystem.

While we are continuously developing our global training program we are excited to already provide you with our next courses:

What is better than a live training – our “Live PLUS” Training!

Book, start, stop, resume, and repeat at your leisure – independent of schedule, time zone, or disruptions. Enjoy an authentic, full-length re-play of a live training, profit from a live Q&A opportunity, receive the full documentation, and get a CharIN certificate.

Engineering in Action: How to use the CharIN CCS Implementation Guide

Learn all about the important "CharIN CCS Implementation Guide" with our seasoned CharIN technical experts Ricardo Michaelis and Semih Tetik. The Implementation Guide sets the global standard for efficient and reliable application of CCS standards and specifications for developing and testing EV, EVSE and EVSS products and services.

This training series offers the entry key to EV charging systems in the Combined Charging System (CCS) world. During the three-hour live online course, you will gain solid knowledge of technical requirements, relevant interfaces and legal implications. You get acquainted with EV charging standards and certification schemes. Our CharIN experts will introduce valuable cross-industry approaches for the development and testing of technical applications. This session is the best navigator to systematically learn about the global EV charging ecosystem and offers unique networking opportunities with the global e-mobility community.

Organized by

Organized by

Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) e. V.

CharIN's experts

Ricardo Michaelis & Semih Tetik

Ricardo Michaelis and Semih Tetik's roles within CharIN, an organization with a membership base of 330 cross-industry companies, have given them an unparalleled breadth of knowledge.

Short description

Their ability to work closely with industry leaders and collaborate on a global scale provides them with a comprehensive understanding of all market-relevant topics in the e-mobility sector.

This perspective allows them to deliver training that is not only informed by the latest developments but also deeply rooted in industry best practices.

Ricardo Michaelis

Ricardo Michaelis
Lead Technical Group, CharIN e.V.

Semih Tetik

Semih Tetik
Project Manager

Training Series: Grid Integration & Energy

Trainings offered in the series:

  • Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6
  • Smart Charging & Energy Workshop
  • Functional Safety based on ISO 26262
  • Communication Protocol OCPP 2.0.1
 In collaboration with

In collaboration with

P3 Group

About P3 Group GmbH

The P3 Group GmbH is a management consultancy with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Based on the company's data, more than 1450 employees work for the company, generating a revenue of about 115 million euros.

The P3 Group draws its clients primarily from the automotive, energy and public sector. P3 offers various trainings - from E-Mobility basics to advanced knowledge about charging related topics - which shall support the expansion of CharIN’s trainings program for its community.

Training: Charging Communication with ISO 15118

Next Dates: July 1 (Basic) & July 3 (Advanced)

General information about the Trainings

Get a perfect jumpstart into the industry-approved charging communication standard ISO 15118 in Basic Training.

With the Advanced Training you can take a deep dive into the topic of secure charging communication with the user-convenient Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118.

Both courses incorporate insights on the cutting-edge technology of ISO15118-20, Advanced Training diving deeper into the data security-related changes.

 In collaboration with

In collaboration with

Switch EV Ltd.

Trainings: e-Mobility in the Middle East

Next Dates: September 12, 18, and 25, 2024

The "e-Mobility in the Middle East" series is a 3-course program for industry experts and investors. It covers the Middle East's electric mobility market, regulations, and trends, including charging infrastructure, challenges, and investment prospects.

The course also discusses local manufacturing, consumer adoption, and emerging EV technologies, making it valuable for businesses eyeing regional expansion.

September, 12: Beginner Level

MENA - The upcoming hotspot of e-mobility growth

While the MENA region is mostly known for its vast wealth (and consumption) of fossil energy resources, countries in the region are undergoing a rapid strategic re-orientation and are putting clean, affordable and sustainable clean and transport at the forefront of their investment strategies.

Get an insider's view of e-mobility in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and adjacent countries and understand the evolving business potential there.

September, 18: Practitioner Level

e-Mobility Strategy in MENA: Rules, Regulations, Funding and Projects

Gain detailed insights into the framework of e-mobility developments in MENA countries, starting from legal frameworks, rules and regulations, through to government strategies and funding resources from private, national and international sources.

As e-mobility is at the center of national development programs, strategic opportunities abound but require local knowledge, connections and understanding for their development.

September, 25: Expert Level

Best Practice: How to build a successful emobility business in MENA

Learn from successful examples of establishing e-mobility businesses in MENA countries, from EV manufacturing to CPO and EMSP operations. With markets growing rapidly and funding readily availalbe, the region offers significant opportunities for both expanding existing business models but also bottom-up inception of new corporations.

Gain access to the most important business communities and netowrks in the region and connect with opinion leaders and decision makers.

Organized by

Organized by

Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) e. V.

CharIN's expert

Ahmed Samir Elbermbali

Ahmed is the Managing Director for CharIN in the Middle East Region and the Sustainability Market Leader for the Middle East at Bureau Veritas, with extensive experience in the sustainability and clean energy industry.

Short description

As a trusted advisor to regional clients, he assists them in achieving their net-zero goals.

Ahmed's expertise in clean energy and sustainable mobility is highlighted by his role as the Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Lead at the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, where he advocated for the ZEV Declaration to accelerate the transition to ZEVs in leading and emerging markets.

Ahmed Samir Elbermbali

Ahmed Samir Elbermbali
Managing Director MENA

Training: Communication for Charging Systems

Basic Charging, ISO 15118: Introduction to High-Level Communication, and Advanced Features of ISO 15118: Plug and Charge

October 2024

  • Wednesday, October 16
  • Thursday, October 17
  • Wednesday, October 23

December 2024

  • Tuesday, December 10
  • Wednesday, December 11
  • Thursday, December 12

General information about the Trainings

Book the training session that perfectly suits you and expand your knowledge out of 3 parts.

The Topic "Basic Charging" in Session 1 gives an overview of charging in general based on IEC 61851 and explains the fundamental tasks.

Session 2 is all about "ISO 15118: Introduction to High-Level Communication" and gives you an insight of the ISO 15118 specific protocol stack, it introduces the high-level communication and explains the fundamental tasks of all protocols.

The new Session 3 „Advanced Features of ISO 15118: Plug and Charge“ goes deeper and complements the Session 2 mainly by the Plug and Charge feature with all its additional processes, i.e. handling of certificates.

 In collaboration with

In collaboration with


Your Trainer

Guido Grothues

Guido Grothues is working for more than ten years as a Senior Technical Trainer at the Vector Academy in Stuttgart.

Short description

Vector develops tools, software, hardware and ingenious solutions to simplify the development of embedded systems. Guido has access to a team of experts, like consultants, co-authors of standards, product developers and support engineers. He has a strong technical background reaching from classical telecommunication systems, mobile networking to satellite communications.

Currently he develops and conducts trainings for: Automotive Ethernet, Automotive Cybersecurity, Combined Charging System, and more...

Guido will support you to become more efficient by sharing his and Vectors tremendous knowledge in an easy, digestible and, as much as possible, practical way.  

Guido Grothues

Guido Grothues
Vector Academy

Contact person

Theresa Halbig

Executive Advisor