Basic Introduction to the interoperable Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem

February 22, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

Learn all about "Basic Introduction to the interoperable Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem" with our CharIN experts Ricardo Michaelis and Semih Tetik. With backgrounds in Automotive Engineering with calibration and testing experience, they offer unparalleled expertise in this rapidly evolving sector.

This training offers the big picture of EV charging infrastructure. After the three-hour capacity building online, you will have gained basic knowledge of market requirements, relevant interfaces and legal implications. You got acquainted with EV charging standards and certification schemes and our CharIN experts will have introduced valuable cross-industry approaches for technical improvement. This session is the best navigator to systematically learn about the global EV ecosystem and it offers networking opportunities with the global EV community.

Event Info

Date: 02/22/2024 – 02/22/2024
Location: Online


Ricardo Michaelis

Ricardo Michaelis

Lead Technical Group, CharIN

Semih Tetik

Semih Tetik

Project Manager

Ricardo Michaelis: Ricardo has led CharIN's Focus Groups for six years, playing a pivotal role in establishing technical working groups and task forces on charging-related topics worldwide. He has monitored the interconnection of international standards for EV charging and fostered global collaboration of engineers across the charging ecosystem.

Semih Tetik: Joining CharIN in 2021, Semih has led Focus Groups and helped with the formation of new task forces within CharIN. Furthermore he lead the government funded project "Wirkkette Laden" .

Ricardo Michaelis and Semih Tetik's roles within CharIN, an organization with a membership base of 320 cross-industry companies, have given them an unparalleled breadth of knowledge. Their ability to work closely with industry leaders and collaborate on a global scale provides them with a comprehensive understanding of all market-relevant topics in the e-mobility sector. This perspective allows them to deliver training that is not only informed by the latest developments but also deeply rooted in industry best practices.


What you get:

A virtual workshop with leading experts in the industry.

1 Day



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CharIN Member
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