Switch EV Ltd. is a core member of CharIN.

Switch is building the most reliable software ecosystem for charging electric vehicles. It is eliminating complexity and cost for charger manufacturers, delivering seamless integrations for networks and unbreakable interoperability for users.

About Switch EV Ltd.

Imagine a world where we could move around and let our planet breathe at the same time

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it gave us a real glimpse of a cleaner, quieter world. First-hand, we witnessed the positive impact the slow down of fossil-fuel use could have on the planet.

The world was temporarily still, but what about when things went back to being busy?

We felt that the only answer to a greener way of moving lay in switching to electric vehicles.

Trouble was, the climate clock was ticking. Things just weren't moving fast enough. The e-mobility industry wasn't building the right software to facilitate a hassle-free, seamless charging experience, and this was leaving drivers feeling frustrated. It was also preventing a quick uptake of EVs - the software solutions needed to improve this just weren't quite there.

So, after ten years of researching, consulting and educating people on the issue,
we decided to take matters into our own hands - by developing the EV charging software solutions ourselves.

Today, we build software that makes the EV charging experience as easy and seamless as possible, co-writing the very standards and protocols that are pushing the whole e-mobility industry forwards.

We continue to educate, and with open source versions of our technology, we inspire innovation within the industry so we can get there quicker, together. Because we believe that by making things as clean and straightforward as possible, we can accelerate the switch to a greener world  – and protect this planet of ours before it's too late.

Switch EV Ltd. became CharIN member on 09/29/2021.

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Switch EV Ltd. contacts

Dr. Marc Mültin

Founder & CEO

Stewart McKee

Chief Commercial Officer

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