innogy eMobility Solutions is a core member of CharIN.

As a tech company with over 12 years of experience innogy eMobility Solutions offers hardware and software products for electric mobility.

About innogy eMobility Solutions

In the field of hardware the company develops and produces technology for charging electric vehicles with direct and alternating current. This can be controlled by the innogy IT-platform as well as by IT systems of other companies. The innogy IT-platform already processes more than more than 250.000 charging sessions per month.

 innogy eMobility Solutions offers its hardware and software products predominantly through an international partner network. The partners bundle innogy technology with their own service products to complete solutions for business customers of different industries as well as private customers. Major customers focusing on hardware and/or software such as car manufacturers or operators of big charging networks for electric vehicles get served directly.   

innogy eMobility Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the E.ON Group. The company has locations in Germany, Great Britain, USA and the Philippines.

innogy eMobility Solutions became CharIN member on 09/20/2017.

innogy eMobility Solutions contacts

Michael Peukert

Head of Marketing & Communications

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