Megawatt Charging System (MCS)

CharIN helps to develop a charging connector for large battery electric vehicles.

CharIN wants to help the industry to create a new solution for charging their electric heavy-duty vehicles within a reasonable time.

Therefore, CharIN initiated the Task Force "Megawatt Charging System (MCS)" to comply a holistic system approach based on the combined charging system CCS. The working group works now under the CharIN Focus Group Charging Connection and represents the whole value chain for the industry segment which ensures that all perspectives are considered. As new requirements from the industry were discovered also light electric airplanes and marine applications became a relevant field of this extended application.

Therefore, the following requirements are currently being discussed:

  • Single conductive plug

  • Max 1.500 volt & 3.000 ampere (DC)

  • PLC + ISO/IEC 15118

  • Touch Safe (UL2251)

  • On-handle software-interpreted override switch

  • Adheres to OSHA & ADA (& local equivalent) standards

  • FCC Class A EMI (& local equivalent)

  • Located on left side of the vehicle, roughly hip height

  • Capable of being automated

  • UL (NRTL) certified

  • Cyber-Secure

  • V2X (bi-directional)

In September 2020 the MCS group did the first prototype testing at NREL’s facilities evaluating the fit & ergonomics, the easy connection and disconnection and the thermal performance of the connectors and inlets.

Ricardo Michaelis

Project Manager