ATLIS Motor Vehicles is a core member of CharIN.

ATLIS is a vertically integrated EV technology ecosystem company. Proprietary battery technology, platforms designed to electrify anything, and pickups built without compromise are reimagining the future of work.

About ATLIS Motor Vehicles

ATLIS is a vertically integrated EV technology ecosystem company developing products that will power work. The ATLIS innovators are building an electric vehicle technology platform for heavy and light duty work trucks used in the agriculture, service, utility, and construction industries. To meet the towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles, ATLIS is developing proprietary battery technology and a modular system architecture, as well as pickups to serve the work market.

ATLIS Motor Vehicles became CharIN member on 06/14/2022.

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ATLIS Motor Vehicles contacts

Victor Atlasman

Charging Ecosystems, Director of Engineering

Mary Trout

Marketing and Communications, Director

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