CharIN Testival & Conference EUROPE 2024 - Poland

Date: June 4 - 7, 2024
Nowy Kisielin - Rozwojowa 7A, 66-002 Zielona Góra (Poland)
Host: Ekoenergetyka – Polska S.A.

CharIN EUROPE Conference and Testival 2024: A Resounding Success in Shaping the Future of Electric Mobility

The 3rd CharIN EUROPE Conference and 7th CharIN Testival EUROPE event, held at Ekoenergetyka - Polska S.A. in Zielona Góra, Poland, from June 4th to 7th, 2024, was a resounding success. As the largest interoperability testing event for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, this event has significantly contributed to the future of electric mobility.

Event Info

Date: 06/04/2024 – 06/07/2024
Location: Zielona Góra, Poland

Meet the Community

Following the success of previous events in Europe, North America, and Asia, CharIN hosted the interoperability test event, Testival, and the CharIN Europe Conference in Poland for the second time. Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A., a CharIN member since 2019, once again served as the host for this international gathering. Building on the achievements of the first event in 2022, CharIN, in collaboration with Ekoenergetyka, provided a platform where European and international electric mobility experts discussed the latest trends and challenges in global electric mobility and tested Electric Vehicles (EV), Charging Stations (EVSE), and Test Systems and Charging Equipment.

Keynote speakers and panel discussions during the CharIN Conference Europe focused on the European legal framework and fundamental changes and challenges in zero-emission transportation. The event addressed the growing interest in clean transportation and the need for quick and efficient solutions for building infrastructure and adapting the energy sector to future demands.

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Basic Sponsor

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The 3rd CharIN Conference EUROPE

The 3rd CharIN Conference EUROPE, on June 4th, 2024, supported by the Polish Chamber of E-mobility Development Association (PIRE), featured:

An Opening Keynote, "The Future of Charging in Europe," by Fanny Tausendteufel, Senior Associate, Industrial Policy, Agora Verkehrswende, that highlighted the changing dynamics of the EV charging landscape in Europe and provided a forward-looking view on market trends, opportunities, and challenges.

The first Session, "Sustainable Transportation in Retail - Best Practices," focused on the role of the retail sector in decarbonizing logistics chains and creating conditions for consumers with networks of charging stations and zero-emission deliveries. Speakers from Volvo Trucks Poland, No Limit Logistics, and the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM) President, held this discussion.

Welcome Words by Marek Cebula (Lubuskie Governor)
Opening Keynote, "The Future of Charging in Europe," by Fanny Tausendteufel
Session 1: Sustainable Transportation in Retail - Best practices
Over 270 attendees of the CharIN Conference

"E-Revolution in the Fuel Industry" was the topic of the second Session, by experts from bp pulse and Shell Global Solutions (Deutschland) GmbH, which set a focus on the exploration of the transformative journey of fuel stations and charging hubs towards decarbonization and energy transition, addressing crucial issues in charging infrastructure and green energy strategies.

Discussions on different subsidy models for Electric Heavy Duty Vehicle (eHDV) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and the deployment of private and semi-private charging infrastructure for trucks were focused in the third Session, "Unique Subsidy Prospects for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Europe." Speakers from NOW, ICCT Europe, the CharIN Managing Director Europe, Transport & Environment (T&E), and the Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation, led the discussions.

Session 2: E-Revolution in the fuel industry
Session 3: Unique Subsidy Prospects for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Europe

The next Session, "Plugging in Safely: Balancing Security and Openness in the EV Charging Ecosystem," with representatives from EMVCo, KEOLABS, PIONIX, and CharIN, examined the balance between fortifying security measures and fostering an open environment within the EV charging infrastructure.

CharIN Ambassador, Roger Atkins, known as “Top Voice,” on the LinkedIn platform for the electric vehicle sector, skillfully guided attendees through the program.

After all, two Hand-on workshops rounded the program of this day: Focusing on the local market in Poland, a European participant extended their knowledge of how to operate in Poland and with a Toolbox for CPOs - hosted by Ekoen and Ekoenergetyka.

The event concluded with engaging discussions, leaving participants inspired and equipped to drive the future of sustainable transportation and electric mobility.

Session 4: Plugging in Safely: Balancing Security and Openness in the EV Charging Ecosystem
CharIN Ambassador, Roger Atkins, guide through the program
Workshop Kick-Off by Michael Keller (CharIN e.V.)
A fantastic Evening Event at Winery

7th CharIN Testival EUROPE

7th CharIN Testival EUROPE: June 5th - 7th, 2024

Participants, including EV manufacturers (OEMs), EVSE manufacturers (Charging Station), and test system suppliers, engaged in conformance and interoperability testing. Observers had the opportunity to get insights into testing, fostering valuable connections within the electric mobility value chain.

Opening ceremony by André Kaufung (Managing Director of CharIN Global) and Maciej Wojeński (Co-Founder of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.)
30 different testing electric mobility companies at the CharIN Testival
6 electric trucks, the highest number of heavy-duty vehicles we ever had at a Testival
See you again!

The opening ceremony was led by André Kaufung, Managing Director of CharIN Global, and Maciej Wojeński, Co-Founder of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. Following the ceremony, Jens Schmutzler from Keysight Technologies provided safety and testing instructions, and Steffen Rhinow from Hubject delivered detailed information on Plug&Charge testing.

In addition to the testing activities, the event included parallel highlights, e.g. two workshops, organized and hosted by Ekoenergetyka, that focused on high-power charging technologies and charging station installation essentials.

The coming together of the electric mobility industry and CharIN community in Poland underscores the shared commitment to a sustainable, cleaner future with green mobility and energy. This event is a crucial milestone for development of standardized charging products that are reliable, secure, and accessible.

Stats & Facts CharIN Conference & Testival EUROPE Poland 2024

  • Over 470 attendees at the CharIN Conference & CharIN Testival: The biggest CharIN Conference & Testival in history so far.
  • Over 270 attendees of the CharIN Conference
  • Over 200 attendees of the CharIN Testival
  • 34 highly renowned electric mobility speakers and panelists at the CharIN Conference
  • 30 different testing electric mobility companies at the CharIN Testival
  • 10 Test slots, 2 of them with dynamic pairing option – where participating companies could choose test partners.
  • 6 electric trucks, 9 electric cars, 14 charging stations, 4 test systems: 6 electric trucks, the highest number of heavy-duty vehicles we ever had at a Testival. The last time we were in Poland, in 2022 with the Testival, we just had 1 electric truck, so the number increased incredibly.

Testing Companies

Impressions of the CharIN Testival & Conference EUROPE 2024

Host: Ekoenergetyka – Polska S.A.

As a leading manufacturer of high-power charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Ekoenergetyka goes beyond merely delivering products; we provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Charge Point Operators (CPOs), electric vehicles (EVs), e-trucks, and e-buses.

Our software empowers you to seamlessly manage and monitor charging stations, enabling the resolution of up to 60% of issues remotely. This translates to enhanced efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind for your public transportation and charging operations.

Ekoenergetyka – Polska S.A. | Nowy Kisielin | Rozwojowa 7A | 66-002 Zielona Góra (Poland)

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CharIN Testival & Conference EUROPE 2022 - Highlight Movie

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