MAN Truck & Bus SE is a core member of CharIN.

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport solution providers.

The company's product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses/coaches and diesel and gas engines along with services related to passenger and cargo transport.

About MAN Truck & Bus SE

MAN Truck & Bus wants to make the world of freight traffic and commercial vehicles more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer and is therefore focusing, among other things, on three trend-setting fields to achieve our aims: Automated driving, connectivity and climate-friendly drives.

MAN is consequently concentrating its research and development activities not only on the ongoing maintenance and continuing development of new products within its range but has also turned its attention to the cutting of emissions and the development of alternative drive systems.

MAN Truck & Bus SE became CharIN member on 02/22/2017.

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MAN Truck & Bus SE contacts

Marcel Hessel

Engineering Electric/Electronic Systems, Hardware Electronic & Infotainment (EEHE) & Teamlead Development HV Charging

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