Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. is a core member of CharIN.

Leading manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We produce high power chargers for electric buses and electric cars.

We offer also range additional services – deployment, maintenance and remote management of the infrastructure.

About Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

Ekoenergetyka is a Polish technological company present in over 150 cities in 23 countries around the world. The company, founded over 12 years ago by two university friends, Bartosz Kubik and Maciej Wojeński, is today the second SME company in the country employing almost 500 people. It is the largest manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Poland with a 90% market share. It specializes in the production of charging stations for electric vehicles from passenger to heavy duty. It is one of the leaders among manufacturers of high-power charging infrastructure in Europe with a market share of 30%.

So far, Ekoenergetyka has launched over 1,500 high-power charging systems, and 5,000 charging cycles are carried out in this network every day. The company also provides global implementation and maintenance services, as well as monitoring and remote management of the charging infrastructure from its own Service Support Center.

Based on the experience and successes in implementing and managing the charging infrastructure on the bus market throughout Europe, Ekoenergetyka has dynamically developed a rich portfolio of products and solutions in the passenger car segment. It includes innovative stations with a power of up to 350 kW and charging hubs with a power of up to 2,200 kW.

Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. became CharIN member on 05/21/2019.

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