Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. is a core member of CharIN.

Driven by innovation and powered by desire to reduce transport emissions, Ekoenergetyka develops and produces high power charging solutions for electric passenger cars, buses and HD vehicles.

About Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

As a leading manufacturer of high-power charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Ekoenergetyka goes beyond merely delivering products; we provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for Charge Point Operators (CPOs), electric vehicles (EVs), e-trucks, and e-buses.

Our software empowers you to seamlessly manage and monitor charging stations, enabling the resolution of up to 60% of issues remotely. This translates to enhanced efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind for your public transportation and charging operations.

Currently, our network comprises around 8200 charging stations serving clients in over 30 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2009 by university co-students Bartosz Kubik and Maciej Wojeński, Ekoenergetyka has evolved into the second-largest SME company in the country. With an 80% market share, it stands as the largest manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Poland. Specializing in producing charging stations ranging from passenger to heavy-duty vehicles and e-buses, the company is a leading force among high-power charging infrastructure manufacturers in Europe.

Who we are? Ekoenergetyka!

The company not only provides global implementation and maintenance services but also offers monitoring and remote management of the charging infrastructure from its dedicated Ekoenergetyka Service Center. This initiative is our response to the challenges presented by the e-mobility revolution. It underscores our commitment to developing our employees, nurturing talents, and aiding our partners and clients in enhancing competencies related to e-mobility within their teams. For detailed information, you can visit: Ekoenergetyka Training Center

At our own research and development centers and at the Electromobility Laboratory Center, we conduct environmental tests of chargers in climate chambers, study power quality parameters, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), noise levels and corrosion resistance.

Drawing from its rich experience and successes in implementing and managing charging infrastructure in the bus market across Europe, Ekoenergetyka has dynamically expanded its portfolio of products and solutions in the CPO and EV segments. This includes innovative stations with a power capacity of up to 600 kW and charging hubs boasting an impressive power of up to 2,200 kW.

Choosing Ekoenergetyka as your partner means opting for business security and reliability.

Our flagship products include:

  • Hub solutions, such as those successfully deployed by Ionity – Power Unit Axon Side 350 kW/400 kW along with satellite SAT 600
  • Axon Easy’s reliable All-In-One solution, ideal for airports, hotel car parks, office car parks and in front of shops.
  • Mobile solutions that are perfect for workshops or other types of special tasks.
Hub solutions - Satellite SAT 600

Our distinctive features include:

  • Direct payments and Plug&Charge technology
  • Readiness for MCS implementation – the satellite is adapted for up to 600 kW!
  • The “Eichrecht” certificate
  • Our products meet the requirements of the Deutschlandnetz programme
Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. became CharIN member on 05/21/2019.

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