Vitesco Technologies becomes a core member of CharIN

Vitesco Technologies: A manufacturer of high efficiency charging technologies  

The demand for sustainable mobility is growing worldwide. Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of advanced drive technologies and solutions for electric mobility provides the right technologies: clean, smart, and electrified. With innovative and efficient solutions, the company aims to reduce the environmental impacts of the automotive industry worldwide and promote emission-free mobility in the long term.

Vitesco Technologies is an important market player in the field of in-car charging technologies and has an international network with other companies in the industry. The comprehensive portfolio includes integrated on-board chargers, fast charging functions, and charging communication.

We not only develop efficient and fast charging technologies for electric vehicles, but we also drive the integration of various high-voltage components to reduce the size, weight and cost of electronics in the car. Through our participation in CharIN, we want to strengthen cooperation with other industry participants to jointly shape the future direction of vehicle charging technology.”
Thomas Stierle, Member of the Executive Board of Vitesco Technologies

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Published on: 07/04/2022

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