Plug & Charge Logo Launch at the Testival EUROPE 2022

The Charging of EVs is crucial for the change to e-mobility and to facilitate market ramp up. One of the most convenient features for a smooth customer journey is Plug & Charge. The CharIN community has therefore developed a logo that can be used by companies that use and support Plug & Charge in their products. The logo is open to anyone who includes this feature in their product according to ISO 15118-2 or ISO 15118-20. To ensure widespread adoption and to give customers visibility, the feature was publicly launched today during the CharIN Testival in Poland on June 29, 2022.

Plug & Charge enables automated communication and billing processes between the electric vehicle and the charging station without the need for RFID cards, credit/debit cards or charging apps, while ensuring high IT security. It also enables automatic authentication and authorization at each charging station, so that the customer can experience a seamless and easy charging process.

CharIN has facilitated the standardization of e.g. ISO 15118 by fostering a result-oriented discourse among members in the Focus Group Communication, the Task Forces Cybersecurity and PKI as well as within the Plug & Charge Europe project. Since 2016, more than 200 members have shared crucial ideas in the groups, leading to this significant success. A thorough certification process will soon follow, as well relevant ISO training.

Supporters of the Plug & Charge Feature and Logo

Many CharIN members have participated in the development and roll-out so far. All are united by the conviction that a seamless customer journey is hardly conceivable without this feature. It is a decisive step towards more customer-friendly and seamless interoperability and will thus contribute significantly to the decarbonization of mobility.

Do good and talk about it! To spread the word for Plug & Charge and to promote its implementation, the CharIN community has created a logo that can be used by companies using and supporting Plug & Charge with their respective products.

The Logo is open to every company implementing and validating this feature on ISO 15118-2 or ISO 15118-20 in their products. To ensure a broad implementation and to give the customer a proper visibility of functionality, the Plug & Charge Logo has been today publicly launched during the CharIN Testival in Poland on June 29th, 2022. This, however, is just the beginning. A thorough certification process will follow soon and will be accompanied with the relevant trainings.

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Published on: 06/29/2022

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