Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) becomes a regular member of CharIN

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) becomes a regular member of CharIN to get help from CharIN defining requirements for charging standards. Also, KTL will establish global standards through sharing many test-cases of communication between electric vehicles and charger.

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) was founded in 1966 with the aid of UNESCO as Korea’s only public comprehensive testing and certification organization. While Korean people have worked together to achieve the Miracle of the Han River over the last half century. KTL has contributed to the country’s economic development by fulfilling its own duties of the times, such as the development and dissemination of testing and evaluation technologies as well as support for international certification acquisition, which enhance the qualitative and technological edge of Korea companies and strengthen their export competitiveness.

KTL is working to accomplish its mission "Improve the nation's industrial competitiveness and the quality of people's lives through testing certification and technical support." 

First, KTL supports national industrial development through research and development projects related with government-funded R&BD and establishment of system engineering and test and evaluation.

Second, KTL provides testing and performance evaluation services in order to ensure the safety of the national infrastructure, companies, and consumers.

Lastly, KTL supports the growth of companies through certification services, K-STAR company business and technical training.

The Korea Testing Laboratory is committed to the development of the country and the local community. KTL is making all-round efforts to create social values such as national safety, environmental preservation, shared growth, job creation and regional development.

Based on proactive ethical management and respect for human beings, KTL continuously practices win-win cooperation and community-based social contribution activities for local development.

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Published on: 03/21/2022

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