F2F Meeting of CharIN's Focus Groups 2023

On May 23-25, 2023, the experts of the Focus Groups met in Berlin to discuss latest developments in CCS and urgent field topics.

The members of the Focus Groups (FG) met F2F in Berlin, from May 23-25. It was a great opportunity for newcomers to learn about and get into the FG topics quickly. It was great to see people from different backgrounds getting together on a joint platform and discussing topics from different perspectives. After each meeting, the team of the Coordination Office tries to improve the registering process and planning of the event. Therefore, the feedback of the participants is very valuable to us.


The following examples shall give an indication of the broad scope of topics which we dive into during these meetings:

  • CharIN impact on regulatory discussions - CharIN members on EU and US regulatory level organized by the Regulatory Group provide their expert inputs.
  • V2G and Bidirectional charging (power class, regulatory assessment, member survey, standards sync) - alignment on all topics is needed to support necessary developments in time. Local market differences in development and grid conditions to be considered for a global approach.
  • PLC Conformance testing - more players in the field of power line communication chip sets. Interoperability needs to be ensured between different vendors. CharIN to support the market needs with an expert discussion.
  • Charging site layout for CCS & MCS (combination) use cases - How to manage space expectations/limitations and customer needs. Optimization for improved usability.
  • Noise emissions at High power charging - Guideline in development to satisfy customers as well as local regulations.

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Published on: 07/05/2023