Eurofins Product Service GmbH becomes a core member of CharIN

From the 1st January 2022, Eurofins Product Service GmbH has become a member of the Charging Interface Initiative e. V., or CharIN for short, and looks forward to contributing to the CharIN association.

Given the continuing development of the charging infrastructure to date, especially from stand-alone solutions to more and more integrated systems, Eurofins Product Service GmbH can contribute its extensive experience in certification of wireless solutions to the field of E-mobility.

By providing this expertise, Eurofins Product Testing GmbH aims to advance the safety and reliability of products in E-mobility and contribute to the development and establishment of the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles.

With testing, inspection and certification services from a single source, the Eurofins E&E network of companies enables manufacturers and developers of electrical and electronic equipment to ensure the conformity of their products for Global Market Access (GMA). Eurofins Product Service GmbH and the wider Eurofins E&E network, is not only a technical service provider for the E1 mark in the automotive and E-mobility sectors but also focusses on:

  • Product safety testing, reliability testing and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing of external AC and DC charging systems and onboard chargers
  • Tests of radio frequencies (RF) for all types of wireless communication and transmission of possible consumption data
  • Certification by Notified Bodies in the field of radio and EMC and other conformity assessment bodies for various countries

In addition to these core services, Eurofins companies can also provide digital software testing & cyber security services, such as functionality, interoperability and performance testing of software and digital devices and cyber security testing of infrastructures, applications and networked devices.

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Published on: 01/11/2022