AEDIVE officially announces Strategic Partnership with CharIN e.V. at E-Mobility Challenge 2022

On March 22, 2022, in the framework of the AEDIVE E-Mobility Challenge 2022, a two-day symposium in Barcelona, AEDIVE President Adriano Mones Bayo officially announced the Strategic Partnership between the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of E-Mobility (AEDIVE) and the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN e.V.).

The recently initiated partnership was filled with live right away. CharIN Chairman Claas Bracklo was invited to give an opening Keynote speech and to join the discussion about Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and the latest developments on the Megawatt Charging System (MCS).

The European Green Deal aims at clean transportation and CO2 neutral mobility by 2050, emission reduction by up to 60% shall be achieved by 2030. Energy efficiency is one of the keys to electric mobility and indispensable to cope with rising energy prices and supply risks. Renewable energies, distributed power generation energy storage systems, and the capability of EVs to store and deliver electricity are of particular relevance in this context.

E-mobility plays a significant role in the entire transformation process, and climate-friendly mobility is not just limited to passenger cars. If we think about clean transportation, trucks, ships, or planes are adding another dimension. User-friendly High Power Charging is crucial to support the acceptance of E-mobility in need of high battery capacity. To recharge those batteries in short time, the charging power needs to be increased by voltage and amperage, and investments into the right infrastructure fulfilling the technical requirements are imperative. ...

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Published on: 03/31/2022

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