EVS35 - Joint Booth CharIN

June 11–15, 2022 (Oslo, Norway)

35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition

CharIN at EVS35

EVS35 – This is the place where global stakeholders meet to discuss latest developments in the EV sector. Accordingly, this is a place where CharIN cannot be missed. During the three days in Oslo, we did not only organize a smooth CharIN trade fair presence but reached the next level of e-mobility. Decisive steps towards an interoperable charging EV ecosystem where taken that energized vehicles and people involved alike.

CharIN created the certification scheme to the first conformance test. During EVS35, it was proudly handed over to ABB by DEKRA including an approved logo for the DC EVSE basic. We as CharIN are convinced that others will follow soon to further improve interoperability on a global scale.

CharIN's success is shaped by unparalleled technology knowledge, cross-cluster composition and dedicated people who are passionate about electromobility. This is where the CharIN ambassadors come in. They are committed e-mobility supporters who volunteer to represent the CharIN alliance in their countries. We were most delighted to welcome Adriano Mones Bayo from Spain and Ahmed Samir Elbermbali from the Middle East at our CharIN booth sharing latest news from their regions and planning upcoming activities together.

We are constantly expanding our Ambassadors´ program because enthusiastic people are the key to the successful cooperation within CharIN enabling innovative e-mobility solutions. 

Our absolute highlight during EVS35, however, was the official launch of the MCS system. It was presented to the public for the first time and inspired the audience on site. After all it is not only a way to charge heavy duty vehicles within a reasonable time but will revolutionize the way we move goods and people tomorrow. 

It is thrilling to be part of CharIN that plays an active role in decarbonizing heavy duty transportation. And this is just the beginning: the CharIN community will not rest and will electrify heavy duty vehicles on water and in the air as well.

To cut it short:  EVS was not only a lot of fun but motivated us to perform at our best! Seeing the unique CharIN community in action is a motivating factor of a special kind. The next Interoperability Tests and ISO 15118 Trainings are already scheduled.

The EV market is on fire and so is the ever-growing CharIN community.

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Marco Küster

Senior Marketing Manager