Rectifier Technologies is a core member of CharIN.

Rectifier Technologies develops and manufactures high-efficiency power conversion products used in various industries.

About Rectifier Technologies

Our vision in e-Mobility includes one where EVSE eventually converges to a full DC charging environment not too far in the future.

Founded in 1992, Rectifier Technologies (ASX: RFT) is an Australian company with global presence, specialising in design and manufacturing of high-efficiency power electronics. Rectifier Technologies continues its commitment to R&D and technology advancement to enable sustainable new energy applications.

Our team has engineered solutions for various industries and built a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective products that our customers trust.

Rectifier Technologies became CharIN member on 11/29/2017.

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Rectifier Technologies contacts

Nigel Machin

Director & Head of Power Engineering

Nicholas Yeoh

Group Director of Sales & Marketing

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