CharIN Tuesday EUROPE Spring Series 2024

Part 02: Sustainable Payment Services for EV Drivers

April, 23 2024, 03:00 am - 04:15 am CEST (online)

This second CharIN Tuesday of the EUROPE Spring Series 2024 is about Consumer-centric approaches to the integration of payment systems into the charging infrastructure.

Alongside strong ambitions from the EU and national policy-makers to push for e-mobility roll-out across the Union, various budgets are made available under public funding and investment opportunity programmes.

Here you will find an overview including dates for the entire series of events:

  1. November, 21, 2023 – EU and national Funding & Investment for the e-mobility eco-system
  2. April, 23, 2024 –Sustainable Payment Services for EV Drivers
  3. May, 2024 – Taxonomy and CSR obligations: Impact for the e-mobility industry

Event Info

Date: 04/23/2024 – 04/23/2024
Location: Online

Event contacts

Glenn Cezanne

Head of Public Affairs EU

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