VEV Services Ltd. is a core member of CharIN.

VEV helps organisations deliver on their carbon reduction ambitions with an end-to-end fleet electrification solution that integrates across vehicles, charging infrastructure, finance and power. 

VEV is owned by Vitol, a world leader in energy, which to date has committed circa $2 billion to sustainable energy initiatives worldwide. 

About VEV Services Ltd.

Every EV fleet is unique in terms of vehicles, chargers and power requirements, depending on the specific business requirements of the fleet.

VEV uses fleet and energy data to assess fleet readiness for electrification, optimize TCO, and  achieve operational resilience. They offer expertise in energy and sustainable e-mobility and a powerful data analytics software platform.

VEV Services Ltd. became CharIN member on 01/01/2024.

VEV Services Ltd. contacts

Hanno Klausmeier

VP Software Development

Chris O’Sullivan

VP Engineering & Operations

Mike Brown

VP Product & Offer

Sam Hoyland

VP Marketing

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