Omron Device & Modules Solutions is a core member of CharIN.

Omron Corporation Device & Module Solutions Company (Omron Electronic Components B.V.) is a leading company providing innovative and energy efficient Connecting" and "Switching" technology solutions

About Omron Device & Modules Solutions

Since its founding, OMRON has continued to contribute to the development of society by solving social issues through Industrial Automation, Device & Module Solutions (components), Social Systems, Solutions and Service, and Healthcare business.

OMRON's dedication to the mission statement "to improve lives and contribute to a better society" alongside our SF2030 goal goes beyond electronic components by creating sustainable solutions with our "Connecting" and "Switching" technologies for various applications that positively impact climate change and the global society.

Omron Device & Modules Solutions became CharIN member on 03/05/2024.

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Steve Drumm

Strategic Marketing Manager – Solutions in Energy

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