CharIN North America Driving toward a clean transportation future

As a unified voice for interoperable EV charging technologies and best practices in North America, we work to unleash innovation and encourage the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in municipal, commercial, and private use.

Why CharIN North America?

The decarbonization of North American transport is only possible with the deployment of convenient, reliable charging infrastructure. With billions of dollars in public and private investment set aside to support the expansion of the North America public charging network, CharIN NA works to advance EV charging infrastructure that is interoperable – the key to fostering a vibrant technological ecosystem and unlocking exponential growth of the EV market.    

As a member of CharIN North America, companies will gain access to working groups and activities specifically focused on interoperable charging in North America. The recently re-launched CharIN North America Policy Group – exclusive to CharIN North America members – is one such example. The Policy Group hosts stakeholder meetings with top regulatory federal, state, and regional regulatory offices. With many more activities on the horizon, and as the e-mobility market in North America continues to take off, now is the perfect time to join CharIN North America. To become a CharIN NA member, you must simply agree to the Bylaws of CharIN North America and sign a consent form. The CharIN NA membership requires no additional fee, but does require maintaining your CharIN e. V. (global) membership.

What we do:


Convene together cross-industry e-mobility stakeholders to advance interoperable charging technologies & best practices


Promote the widely adopted Combined Charging System (CCS) and developing Megawatt Charging System (MCS) platforms


Partner with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and officials to develop interoperable EV charging infrastructure

North America Policy Committee

CharIN’s North America Policy Committee is focused on advocating for open standards and seamless interoperability to scale the electrification of the transportation system and accelerate EV charging infrastructure deployment in North America.

Accelerating transportation electrification is essential for a sustainable future, but it presents a unique challenge. It combines two traditionally distinct worlds – the automotive and utility industries. The transition to clean, affordable electric vehicles and a seamless charging experience requires alignment and interoperability among various stakeholders, including consumers, automakers, charging station manufacturers, operators, and utilities.

To solve these challenges, the Policy Committee partners with North American policymakers to accelerate the deployment of smart infrastructure, ensure the reliability and robustness of charging infrastructure, provide automated, user friendly charging and billing processes, future proof communication between charging equipment and EVs and establish efficient use of state and federal funding to create interoperable infrastructure.

The Policy Committee represents more than 35 CharIN members in North America, including automakers, EV charging manufacturers, system operators and technology leaders from across the e-mobility ecosystem.

Committee members gather monthly to discuss priority issues and determine engagement in key legislative and regulatory efforts. The meetings often include guest speakers, such as policymakers and thought leaders, to inform members of specific policy issues.

To join the Policy Committee, please email

You can learn more about the detailed principles of CharIN’s North America Policy Committee here:

North America Charging Interoperability Task Force

CharIN’s North America Charging Interoperability (NACI) Task Force was established in 2023 to support EV ecosystem interoperability with SAE J3400 and to accelerate EV market adoption. The primary objective of the NACI Task Force is to guarantee seamless compatibility and interoperability of SAE J3400 by establishing industry-standard, system-level charging specifications and definitions, such as ensuring interoperability with ISO 15118/ DIN SPEC 70121 standards, developing implementation guidelines and promoting best practices, and establishing certification processes for interoperable products.

The NACI Task Force and its six subgroups are supported by over 200 organizations, including automakers, EV charging manufacturers, system operators and technology leaders from the e-mobility ecosystem across the world. Each group meets on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

To learn more about the NACI Task Force, please go here:

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