IoTecha Corp. is a core member of CharIN.

IoTecha’s fully integrated smart charging platform – hardware, software and cloud – shortens time to market and lowers the total cost of ownership of EV chargers. It simplifies the implementation of ISO/IEC 15118 with PnC and VGI/V2G/V2X.

About IoTecha Corp.

IoTecha is accelerating the Electric Vehicle revolution by providing an integrated Platform called IoT.ON™ – consisting of hardware, software and Cloud components - for the Smart Charging infrastructure.

Our technology can ultimately enable the integration of millions of Electric Vehicles with the Power Grid. IoTecha customers are prominent global manufacturers of both Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations. IoTecha products include V2G and HomePlug Protocol Analyzer, Combined Charging System on Module (and custom modules), EV charging stations and IoT.ON™ Cloud-based services.

IoTecha Corp. became CharIN member on 09/21/2016.

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Brenda Mancuso Librizzi

Senior Director of Operations

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