ISO/IEC 15118 Communication Standard for charging of electric vehicles.

Within the Combined Charging System (CCS) it is agreed to use this to enable interoperable charging as an important component in ecosystem. It provides additional charging features and ensures long time invest protection for all market participants. Features like Plug & Charge and Value Add services will make charging as convenient as possible.

With ISO 15118 also bi-directional this means charging/discharging of electric vehicles (Smart Charging) is possible. Thus, the technical framework for different variations of integrating electric vehicles in intelligent grid networks has been developed. For the required hardware a powerline communication module is needed (PLC) as well as a TCP/IP protocol stack.

The international standard series contains the following parts:

  • Part 1: General information and use-case definition

  • Part 2: Network and application protocol requirements

  • Part 3: Physical and data link layer requirements

  • Part 4: Network and application protocol conformance test

  • Part 5: Physical layer and data link layer conformance test

  • Part 8: Physical layer and data link layer requirements for wireless communication

Ricardo Michaelis

Lead Technical Groups