Cybersecurity for e-mobility

CharIN actively promotes awareness, advocates for standardized security practices, and works towards a resilient and secure charging infrastructure for and with EVs.

CharIN, our association, actively collaborates with industry experts, hosts threat modeling workshops, and prepares a comprehensive whitepaper. We promote awareness, advocate for standardized security practices, and work towards a resilient and secure charging infrastructure for and with EVs. CharIN actively promotes awareness about EV cybersecurity. We organize webinars, conferences, and training sessions, disseminating knowledge on the latest threats and effective countermeasures. By educating industry professionals, we collectively raise the bar for security practices.

Standardization is key. CharIN collaborates closely with certification bodies to establish robust cybersecurity standards for charging infrastructure components. Ensuring compliance across the industry is not just a goal; it’s our commitment to safety and resilience.

WP2 | Vulnerabilities and Threat Model Electric Mobility Cybersecurity

Threat Modeling and Vulnerabilities. As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, securing the charging infrastructure becomes critical. CharIN, our association, focuses on addressing cybersecurity challenges in the EV domain.

In our work package 2, we explored threat modeling and vulnerabilities across payment and billing systems, EV interactions with the grid, operator risks, and a holistic viewpoint.

Task Force Cybersecurity WG2: Threat Model White Paper

WP3 | Cybersecurity Testing

In the context of e-mobility cybersecurity, our dedicated experts conduct on-site testing using actual products to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. By analyzing real-world scenarios, they contribute to enhancing the security of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more reliable e-mobility ecosystem.

We invite you to actively participate in the dialogue. Share your insights, ideas, and expertise to collectively create a secure environment for the future of mobility. Together, we’ll drive innovation and safeguard the e-mobility ecosystem.

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