Project "Wirkkette Laden"

Cross industry project “Wirkkette Laden” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVi).

The consortium consists of 10 core partners with CharIN as the consortium lead, 3 associated partners and an accompanying research partner.

Within the next 18 month the goal is to identify and cluster issues at charging sessions to derive counter measures accordingly. Overall, this project will support the market ramp-up of electromobility by giving valuable and implementable recommendations to the industry how to decrease the likelihood of malfunctions during the charging process.

To understand the complex mechanisms during the charging process the project follows a holistic approach which takes all relevant actors in the charging ecosystem (Car Manufacturers, Charging Station Manufacturers, Charge Point Operators, E-Mobility Service Providers & the Grid) into consideration. This is extremely relevant to identify open gaps and errors which particularly occur at the interfaces between the actors.

Involved Companies, in alph. order:

This project will bring electromobility a big step forward by enhancing the user experience during the charging process.

Project Partner

Associate Partner

Accompanying Research

The underlying data which captures incorrect charging sessions will be gathered by existing user feedback, real laboratory tests as well as real live data from charging stations and the back end. Furthermore, the maturity of interface specifying documents and norms will be evaluated. Eventually, errors are clustered, their causes are determined, and measures are derived based on the analyzed data and documents. As a second outcome a rating mechanism is intended to reflect the readiness and capability of each market participant from a holistic perspective.

Ricardo Michaelis

Project Manager