Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The Project “Plug & Charge Europe” is to set up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). You will find all relevant documents here.

Official documents for download

Download Root certificate for
QA environment

Download Root certificate for
Prod. environment

Onboarding process to join the CharIN PKI:

Price List & Order Form

Terms and conditions for the operation and usage of the CharIN V2G root to participate in an open and fair Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ecosystem for ISO 15118.

This Governance Guidelines provide a structure within which the CharIN PnC Europe Governance Body and the organization can effectively pursue CharIN's Mission. The Governance Body intends that these Guidelines serve as a flexible framework within the Governance Body may conduct its business.

Certificate Policy for the CharIN V2G first-generation PKI

compliant to ISO 15118-2

Certificate Policy for the CharIN V2G second-generation PKI

compliant to ISO 15118-20

Mailaccount for general questions about the CharIN PKI