We are starting a new era of conformance testing!

CharIN is proud to announce the first recognized CharIN CCS Test Systems as well as the CharIN conformance test laboratories.

The CharIN CCS Test System (CCTS) pilot validation is completed. About 180 test cases for CCS were evaluated and validated. First Vendors are able to provide their test System for testing and certification purposes.

In addition, CharIN recognized two test laboratories to run the CCS Basic conformance tests and issue CCS Basic certificates for charging stations to improve interoperability in the field and significantly enhance the charging experience for users.


The test system vendors Verisco, Keysight Technologies and Comemso have gone through an extensive process of system and test case validation. They have shown their capabilities to provide reliable tests and measurements for the CharIN Conformance Tests within the DC CCS Basic EVSE profile. These test cases have been defined by the Focus Group experts to enhance interoperability of DC charging stations and improve charging experience for consumers. The CharIN recognized Conformance Test Systems (CCTS) can be used for CharIN  CCS conformance testing and for individual product development testing.


The Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) and DEKRA are the first two test houses officially appointed by CharIN as recognized test laboratories. Both have shown their expertise in the field of test execution and results analysis according to the CharIN Quality Assurance Process (QAP). A Peer Assessment Committee consisting of experts from CharIN member companies confirmed that both companies have the required technical capabilities and quality control process to produce repeatable and consistent test results.

As of today (DC) Charging station manufactures can apply for a CharIN CCS Basic certificate, which will be issued after successful testing by the CharIN recognized test laboratories.

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Published on: 07/28/2021

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