Volex becomes a regular member of CharIN

Innovations in EV charging and infrastructure build are reaching new heights - and Volex is there to drive these technologies.

Volex is the world's leading power cord and cable manufacturer, supporting EV manufacture and infrastructure growth goals through our global network of Volex product specialists and engineers who continue to ensure that customers stay at the forefront of this exciting technology.

Sales of electric vehicles are growing significantly as consumer acceptance of the technology and environmental awareness drives demand. To meet this growing global demand, Volex has increased its EV production capabilities and expanded our range of charging products and solutions, to meet customer requirements, through our industry-leading strength as the world’s largest power products manufacturer.

As a CharIN member, Volex will contribute to the development of EV standards and promote the new technological trends in this space. By leading the charge through our vertically integrated core competencies and products; EV charging cables, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), cable harness and integrated manufacturing services, Volex offers local partnerships and global scale to EV charging OEMs and suppliers to support the rapid growth across the industry.

Through our on-going involvement in the CharIN community, Volex will actively participate in the development of new technologies and products which meet CCS requirement standards.

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Published on: 01/24/2022

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