VinFast Auto becomes a regular member of CharIN

VinFast Auto is delighted to participate in the ongoing initiatives surrounding the applications and standards for EV charging, pursuant to the missions championed by the CharIN organization. As a member, we hope to share our experiences in charging interoperability and our pursuits in delivering reliable and simple charging experiences for our customers. It is our belief, here at VinFast, that sharing of experiences and information is an obligation for all ecosystem partners, in order to assure that early adoption of EV technology is rewarded by continuous improvement with a customer focus. With early EV customers reporting that their number one issue with ownership being their public charging experiences, we all share a need to investigate methods for reducing charge session failures and general complexities in access to charging.

CharIN working groups will also be of great benefit to our company, as we continue to grow in the North American market. We hope to learn the lessons being shared from other market participants, so we can bring the best market technologies and practices into how we deliver to our own customers. In North America, VinFast Auto has enabled direct integrations with over 110,000 charge ports, that are owned and operated by several of our critical network partners. These chargers represent one of the largest network integrations for an OEM and are critical infrastructure to this region’s growing EV ownership. We share a responsibility to support that infrastructure in sharing observed shortcomings and best practices, so all EV owners can benefit from reliable charging experiences.

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Published on: 10/20/2023

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