Vincotech rolls out new DC fast-charging power modules

Tailored solutions for uni-/bidirectional DC charging enhance the company’s portfolio

Vincotech, an established and reliable partner in designing and building power modules, has expanded its product portfolio for DC fast-charging applications. These new modules meet the global specifications for EV charging systems: high efficiency, high power density, modular architecture and fast-charging capability.

The generic architecture of a DC charger system features two blocks, the AC/DC and DC/DC stages. The front-end, three-phase AC/DC stage can be addressed with multiple two-level and three-level topologies. Vincotech’s three-level flowANPFC and flow3xANPFC modules strike the best balance between performance and overall system costs. Vincotech has also the right answers for the DC/DC stage. Its fastPACK SiC and flowDUAL SiC (H- and half-bridge) modules come with the latest SiC MOSFET technology from multiple sources.

All power modules are housed in an industry-standard, low inductive package. Living up to its reputation for reliability, Vincotech implemented advanced new die-attach technology to double the power-cycling lifespan.

Main benefits:

  • Higher switching frequency, lower filtering effort/costs
  • Multi-sourced SiC components for more freedom of choice and less supply chain risk
  • Twice the power cycling capability to extend lifetime
  • Superior thermal performance with pre-applied phase change material
  • Integrated DC capacitors to mitigate voltage over-shoot
  • Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM to help reduce production cost

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Published on: 02/22/2022