VertexCom Announces Support for NACS, Welcomes the Release of SAE J3400 Technical Information Report

Hsinchu, Taiwan – January 2, 2024 – VertexCom, a leading provider of smart charging communication chips, announces support for the North American Charging Standard (NACS), undergoing standardization as SAE J3400. Compliant with ISO 15118 protocols, VertexCom HomePlug GreenPHY chips can support both of the most widely adopted electric vehicle (EV) charging standards – CCS and NACS.

SAE International (formerly The Society of Automotive Engineers) recently published the Technical Information Report (TIR) for the SAE J3400 NACS Electric Vehicle Coupler. This milestone marks the culmination of a months-long industry cooperation within the SAE Hybrid-EV J3400 NACS Electric Vehicle Coupler Task Force, and a step further toward standardizing the Tesla-developed NACS connector, originally a proprietary technology.

VertexCom HomePlug GreenPHY SECC chipset MSE1021 + MSEX24-i and EVCC chipset MSE1022 + MSEX25-i, designed for the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard, are also equipped to support the NACS connector. These chipsets enable reliable communication and data exchange between electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations based on the international standard ISO 15118-3.

The NACS charging connector system, initially developed by Tesla, was opened for use by other manufacturers in November 2022. It utilizes DIN 70121 and ISO 15118, employing power line communication (PLC) enabled by HomePlug GreenPHY, and operates on single-phase electric power. The use of single-phase power eliminates the need for secondary step-down transformers and makes it simpler and more cost-effective to set up commercial installations in mixed-use apartment buildings.

In March 2023, Tesla commenced the rollout of a proprietary dual-connector Magic Dock (supporting CCS1 and NACS) at select North American Supercharger locations. In 2024, major automakers are scheduled to support NACS compatibility through adapters, with the releases of first non-Tesla NACS-equipped vehicles expected in 2025. The adoption of NACS in the United States is anticipated to enhance the EV charging infrastructure by providing a unified, compact connector for both AC and DC charging, similar to CCS.

The ongoing standardization of NACS is aimed at establishing it as an open standard, thus ensuring it can be used safely and effectively by EV owners. As the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation stated last month: “The tightly scoped J3400 standard creates design frameworks for the mechanics and electrical signaling for the connector, which are key to a reliable, safe, and consistent EV charging experience.” The final SAE J3400 standard is expected to be released by mid-2024.

VertexCom remains committed to supporting latest innovations in EV charging, including the rise of new charging standards and the rollout of charging infrastructure in North America and worldwide. By providing a reliable and cost-effective EV charging communication solution, VertexCom supports automakers, charging station manufacturers, and charge controller developers in creating a smooth and convenient charging experience for all EV owners.

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Published on: 01/06/2024

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