UUGreenPower initially launched the IP65 high protective charging module globally, with high reliability, long life cycle and low TCO.

UUGreenPower, the world’s leading EV super charging module supplier, has launched the first generation IP65 charging module UR100030-IP65 with high protective separate fan cooling in the first quarter of 2021.

It is designed to solve the problem of high failure rate of IP20 fan cooling module in the harsh application environment to comprehensively improve the reliability and life cycle of the charging station system.

According to market research, the annual failure rate for IP20 fan cooling modules is about 1-2 percent, and the average life cycle is about 3-5 years. If the application environment is quite harsh, for example by sandstorms, high temperature, high humidity, salt mist or condensation, the annual failure rate would be much higher, whereas the annual failure rate of UR100030-IP65 high protective separate fan cooling module is significantly reduced to 0,1 percent and the life cycle is extended to 8-10 years.

First generation IP65 charging module UR100030-IP65 with high protective separate fan cooling

The design of the air passage isolation is adopted so that the heating components, heat sink and transformer/inductor in the lower side of the air passage are sealed by a filling glue package to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation efficiency. The environmentally sensitive components such as chip, capacitor, and so on are sealed on the top. The natural circulation for heat dissipation is carried out inside, and the effect of anti-sand, waterproof and anti-salt fog is achieved (please see second picture).

The natural circulation for heat dissipation is carried out inside

UR100030-IP65 high protective module can decrease the maintenance cost for the charging station. At the same time, it can also reduce design cost in terms of anti-dust net and waterproof for charging stations.

Based on these advantages, UUGreenPower conducted a comparative analysis using a 120KW charging station (30kWmodule*4). They chose IP20 and IP65 modules to configure respectively, and then compared TCO of the charging station within 10-year life cycle. The result shows that starting from the third year of usage, the TCO benefit of IP65 be appeared: it can save TCO for USD 11.000 in 5 years and USD 35.000 in 10 years (please see picture three).

TCO benefit of IP65

Along with the development of the EV HPC, the high-power output trend of the charging module is obvious. It is expected that the output power of charging modules will increase from 20KW to 30KW/40KW and even 60KW in the next 2-3 years. Such a trend brings further challenges to the environmental protection capability of the charging modules along with higher power density, higher current and greater heat dissipation. UUGreenPower predicts that IP65 with separate fan cooling and liquid cooling technique adopted by super charging modules will become the inevitable choice in the future.

So far, UUGreenPower has received a lot of orders of IP65 high protective charging modules from many global customers. UUGreenPower expects to improve its product competitiveness on the customer charging solution side through continuous innovation to make a greater contribution to the healthy development of electric vehicle charging industry.

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Published on: 03/12/2021

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