UUGreenPower becomes a core member of CharIN e. V.

UUGreenPower is the world's leading provider of EV super charging and discharging solutions, committed to provide reliable quality products, innovative solutions, and excellent user experiences across the globe.

UUGreenPower is honored to officially join CharIN as a core member and expects to jointly promote the development of EV infrastructure through in-depth participation in the events organized by CharIN.

UUGreenPower is a fast-growing Chinese enterprise providing core EV charging power modules and V2G solutions. Due to the rapid development of the Chinese market for electric vehicles, UUGreenPower has become one of the leading players of the Chinese market for EV charging. At the same time, UUGreenPower started to explore oversea markets a long time ago. Now, a big part of its turnover comes from oversea markets, especially from Europe.

Mr. Bai Jianguo, co-founder and CEO of UUGreenPower, said: "Europe has been taking the lead in the development of EV charging standards. Due to the intensive involvement in the projects of European customers, UUGreenPower is able to learn quickly about the standards and trends of the European market, and in some aspects, this could be an example for the Chinese market. For example, the emerging demand for V2G devices in the European market in recent years has led to the practical application scenarios of energy interaction between EV battery and power grid in the Chinese market. UUGreenPower has started product planning very early and launched a V2G bidirectional charger UBC75010, which has received many customer orders. Finally, we are looking forward to actively contributing to the field of EV charging standards and trends by joining the CharIN organization.”


Introduction of UUGreenPower Electrical Co., Ltd

Founded in 2015, UUGreenPower Electrical Co., Ltd. is committed to become the best supplier of core components and super charging solutions in EV infrastructure industry. The R&D team has roots in global Fortune 500 technology companies and accumulated more than 20 years of experience in power electronics technology. UUGreenPower’s current product range includes 20kW, 30kW, 40kW, IP65 high protection etc. charging modules and V2G bidirectional charger products. The products have been certified by State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and obtained CE, UL certification. Now, the company has become the core supplier of many world’s leading charging operators and pile manufacturers. Its products are widely applied in the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, India, and other regions.

For more information about UUGreenPower please visit their website.

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Published on: 01/28/2021