TÜV AUSTRIA becomes a regular member of CharIN - Living the future of E-Mobility together

As an innovative partner, TÜV AUSTRIA combines technology, environment and society in order to live the future in a resource-saving and safe way. E-mobility plays a major role in our group of companies for testing, inspection and certification with its roots in Vienna.

With its 55 companies and more than 2,000 technical safety and security experts, TÜV AUSTRIA is present in over 25 countries. The group of companies opens up vertical integration of its entire solution portfolio to multinational companies at all their locations. TÜV AUSTRIA combines research and a wide variety of technologies, but above all cultures and experiences, to achieve cutting-edge results together with its customers.

All-round partner in the service of safety

With ongoing research and development projects, TÜV AUSTRIA is dedicated to the challenges of a sustainable and digitalized future. Wherever new technologies emerge, TÜV AUSTRIA helps to make them safe. Furthermore, it strengthens Europe as an international business location.

E-mobility is shaking up the market

The holistic mobility of tomorrow is clearly in focus. With comprehensive testing expertise for vehicles, charging technology and infrastructure, TÜV AUSTRIA is already an e-mobility technology partner for all economic sectors, from the electricity generation and distribution to its consumption. TÜV AUSTRIA’s testing and simulation infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment make e-cars and charging stations safe. TÜV AUSTRIA is taking on new challenges in this regard and offers both customers and partners a comprehensive portfolio of testing services.

R&D: Vienna-based testing and research hub

For TÜV AUSTRIA, modern testing and inspection services are always the result of its own research activities. The company has therefore been investing for years in the expansion of corresponding infrastructure, additional qualifications for employees, new hires and collaborations. It started with the construction of a new office building in Vienna-Inzersdorf and the creation of a state-of-the-art working environment for employees, training guests and customers. The EMC Hall, the hall for product safety testing and the Safe-Secure-System-Lab with special services for IT and data security were a first strong signal for the new research and innovation location of TÜV AUSTRIA in Vienna. With the expansion of the Technology & Innovation Center in Vienna, another important development step is now being taken, which will put TÜV AUSTRIA in an optimal position for the challenges of the future. State-of-the-art test halls and laboratories are currently being built for the areas of automotive and e-mobility, materials technology, environmental technology and digital testing services. Customers are already living the future with TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

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Published on: 01/17/2022

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