Rectifier Technologies becomes a Core Member of CharIN e.V.

Rectifier Technologies is proud to bring many years of its expertise and experience in power electronics engineering to the developments within the CharIN focus groups.

Rectifier Technologies develops and manufactures high-efficiency power conversion products used in various industries. Our vision in e-Mobility includes one where Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) eventually converges to a full DC charging environment not too far in the future. Products such as the scalable RT22 50kW EV Charger Module (for High-Powered DC chargers) and the Highbury DC wall-mounted Low Power DC Charger with bi-directional (V2G) capabilities, are offered with this in view.

With more than 29 years of experience, Rectifier Technologies continues to lead the way in advancing power conversion technologies cost effectively as new energy markets emerge.

“As an EVSE and EV charging power module maker, Rectifier Technologies is involved in all aspect of EV charging and has just upgraded to be a full member of CharIN, which allows us to learn from and contribute to all of the focus groups in CharIN's domain,” said Nigel Machin, co-founder of Rectifier Technologies and Head of Power Engineering.

About Rectifier Technologies
Founded in 1992, Rectifier Technologies (ASX: RFT) is an Australian company with global presence, specialising in design and manufacturing of high-efficiency power electronics. Rectifier Technologies continues its commitment to R&D and technology advancement to enable sustainable new energy applications. Our team has engineered solutions for various industries and built a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective products that our customers trust.

More information about Rectifier Technologies is available at Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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