The comemso EVCA Multi Mobile - mobile measuring laboratory in the trunk.

Whether used for vehicle interoperability measurements in the field, or standard conformity testing in the laboratory, the new comemso EVCA Multi Mobile enables you to always have access to all charging standards in one portable rack, ready for immediate use anywhere.

Without mechanical mounting, you activate the desired charging standard with the help of intuitive sliding flaps and can thus automatically check the standard conformity on communication and charging process directly on-the-fly for every measurement automatically and log all details. Even complete test libraries for norm conformity tests can be conducted. The results are stored on a connected PC, where they can be analysed and evaluated live in real time, or afterwards using the user-friendly visualization.

For DC-CCS there are great new features available:

  • You can use the measurement log data even for Simulation-Replay, allowing you to simulate an EV/EVSE based on a real measurement.

  • For the interoperability measurement and testing, beyond the “passive Gateway”, there are features available for:

    • PLC-Sniffer

    • TLS-Gateway

    • Manipulating Gateway

The latest software option, the comemso DC-CCS Manipulating Gateway, allows you to modify or even filter PLC protocol messages between EV and EVSE, i.e. not to let certain messages pass. This has two advantages: Firstly, detailed parameters and corrections can be tried out without having to reprogram a participant's firmware. Secondly, tolerances of each participant can be researched in the field or even manipulated for modified performance tests.

The comemso EVCA Multi Mobile is a powerful, mobile measuring system to do on-the-fly analysis for standard conformity with comfortable graphic visualization. It can be expanded for EV and EVSE simulation, testing and more. The mobile measuring laboratory in the trunk.

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Published on: 04/14/2021