Switch becomes a core member of CharIN

Switch creates the world’s first single operating system for EV charging infrastructure

Switch, a UK software company, is eliminating poor user experience that is growing exponentially across public EV charging networks where multiple devices are operating unilaterally. The company is creating the first open-source operating system that can run on any AC and DC charger, eliminating all complexity for charger manufacturers and facilitating interoperability within the e-mobility market.

Switch founder Dr. Marc Mültin (formerly V2G Clarity) has spent more than a decade understanding and building world-renowned expertise on how EV charging devices, charge point operators, mobility service providers, and the energy network need to communicate with each other to create the best possible user experiences. He has been an active member of the ISO 15118 standardisation body and a co-author of ISO 15118 since its inception in 2010. Through CharIN Academy, he has been providing ISO 15118 Basic and Advanced corporate training for companies across the globe since 2018.

Charging devices with different operating systems simply can’t keep up with each other, delaying EV adoption because the net result is poor, unreliable user experience. Our open-source solution means the charging ecosystem is better equipped to manage the sophisticated mobility scenarios of the future because every charging device will speak the same language.
Dr. Marc Mültin (Switch founder)

Switch is driven by the growing need for improving end-user experience that will require charging hardware devices to talk with each other more often and more reliably. It is looking to create the same intuitive experience and functional reliability at scale as Apple’s iOS and the App Store have brought to mobile computing and communications. Joining CharIN means we can engage with key industry stakeholders, intensifying the societal benefits of this approach.

Having a common operating system doesn’t restrict charging station manufacturers and operators from introducing individual innovations and service offerings. It eliminates duplicated technology overhead and allows breakthrough features such as user-friendly and secure Plug & Charge, Vehicle-to-Grid energy sharing, and Smart Charging innovations.

The Switch operating system is called Josev (Joint Operating system for Seamless EV charging). It has been created alongside Sara (Station Analytics and Remote Administration) to make managing and monitoring charging points easier and more effective. Sara gathers valuable, intelligent and accurate data, which gives the most up-to-date information on the network and allows you to run it smoothly. Its user-centric design allows you to easily harness the full monitoring and management capabilities of OCPP 2.x and ISO 15118.

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Published on: 10/04/2021

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