Switch aims to accelerate EV charging network development with open source software release

The release of Josev Community, Switch’s free-to-use open source code, gives everyone access to expert, future-proof EV charging software.

Switch, the one-stop EV charging software company, has released Josev Community, its new, free-to-all open source implementation of ISO 15118 for electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturers.

The new software underpins future EV charging ecosystem functionalities. These functionalities include Plug & Charge, strong data security and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G). Following more than two years of development and investment, the 24-strong Switch team has been committed to the release of Josev Community.

"This is a huge software release, and it's about making the tide rise for all. We'll quickly get to a better place if everyone involved in the EV charging ecosystem builds from the same strong and unified foundation.”
Marc Mültin, Switch founder and CEO

A shared software implementation through Josev Community allows charger manufacturers and charging networks to move forward more quickly by introducing essential upgrades and capabilities. These are vital to improving the charging experience for end-users and ultimately accelerating EV takeup. They also significantly improve interoperability between charging networks.

Switch’s software manages communication between vehicle and charge point, using data that runs through the connected charging cable. It can ‘visualise’ the complex ‘conversation’ in granular detail, making complete management of the end-to-end charging process achievable.

Initially, EV drivers will benefit from more reliable charger operations. In the future, they will access many new charging experiences as developers engage in creating ‘apps’ around the increased information flow.

Josev Community is a part of the unique charging network operating system developed by Switch, and it includes the ISO 15118 protocol through to the ISO 15118-20 edition. Switch is also completing the OCPP 2.0.1 protocol in parallel. This protocol will ensure unbreakable command-and-control communications and a back-to-the-cloud-based charging station management system (CSMS).

You can access Josev Community here: https://github.com/SwitchEV/josev.git

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Published on: 06/02/2022

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