Shenzhen Kehua Unveils High-Efficiency 40kW SiC Charging Module

With the growing demand for ultra-high-power fast chargers and cost optimization, and meeting the expectation of realizing faster and more reliable charging experience to ease EV charging anxiety, Shenzhen Kehua leverages 36 years of expertise in power electronics to develop a 40kW silicon carbide high-efficiency, low-noise, and highly reliable charging module. This module aims to provide premium core components for high-power chargers, creating more energy-efficient, stable, and higher-success-rate charging solutions, thereby enhancing the charging experience for electric vehicle users.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The 40kW charging module, designed with silicon carbide, boasts a full load efficiency of ≥96% and a peak efficiency of ≥97%, significantly enhancing power conversion efficiency and reducing energy loss. Compared to traditional Si device designs, it improves efficiency by 1%, allowing a single module to save approximately 1226 kWh of electricity annually for charging station operators. When applied to a 400kW charging station, it can save around 18,400 euros in electricity costs over five years.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

The power module employs four-dimensional intelligent fan speed control technology, adjusting based on the inlet temperature, AC input voltage, DC output voltage, and output current to achieve intelligent noise reduction. At 25℃ full load, the noise across the entire output voltage range is controlled below 65dB (A). The module supports three levels of silent mode:

  • Level 1 Silent Mode: Noise ≤65dB (A)
  • Level 2 Silent Mode: Noise ≤60dB (A)
  • Level 3 Silent Mode: Noise ≤55dB (A)

Users can set the appropriate silent mode based on working conditions, application sites, and environmental factors to ensure noise levels remain within the set range.

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Published on: 06/14/2024

Ultra-Low Output Current Ripple

The module features ultra-low output current ripple, with a peak-to-peak value of less than 3A when ten modules are paralleled, ensuring more stable charging and stronger charging adaptability, thereby improving charging success rates. Lower charging current ripple also reduces cell heating, significantly extending battery life. 

Shenzhen Kehua will showcase the 40kW high-efficiency silicon carbide module at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich from June 19-21. We warmly invite you to visit our booth at Hall C2, No. 520, to see the product in person.

Ultra-Wide Operating Temperature Range

The charging module operates within a temperature range of -40℃ to 75℃, ensuring stable performance in extreme cold environments like Scandinavia and North America, as well as the intense heat of the Middle East. Even in severe cold conditions of -40℃, the charging module can output full power without additional heaters. When the ambient temperature rises to 55°C - 75°C, the module can still operate with linear derating, and it can still achieve half-load output at 75°C.

Features of the 40kW Charging Module:

  • High Efficiency and Energy Saving: Utilizes SiC devices and efficient magnetic components, achieving full load efficiency of ≥96% and peak efficiency of ≥97%.
  • Certification Compatibility: Complies with CE and UL certifications, suitable for both European and American standard DC chargers, reducing inventory and capital occupation.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: The charging module meets EMC Class B standards. No external filters are required when constructing the EV chargers, reducing manufacturing costs and shortening the certification cycle.
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction: Supporting four-dimensional intelligent fan control and three levels of noise reduction modes.
  • High Reliability: Includes connection reliability detection and hardware emergency stop functions. Utilizes potting technology for high module protection and extended product lifespan.
  • Low Standby Power Consumption: Standby power consumption <7.5W, compared to the industry average of 15W, saving 43.8kWh of energy annually.
  • Wide Output Voltage Range: Ranges from 150 to 1000VDC, adapting to various high and low voltage platform vehicles.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operates within -40℃ to 75℃, suitable for various harsh environments.
  • Flexible Configuration: Supports manual button setting of module addresses and optional address board for automatic address recognition, offering flexible configuration.
  • Ultra-Low Output Current Ripple: When ten modules are paralleled, the ripple current peak-to-peak value is less than 3A, significantly below standard requirements.
  • Support for Intelligent Operation and Maintenance: Capable of reporting operating time, enabling intelligent operation and maintenance and lifespan balancing, thereby extending product lifespan.

About Shenzhen Kehua Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Kehua was established in 1988 and listed on the Shenzhen A-share market in 2010 with the stock code 002335. In 2001, Kehua established its subsidiary, Shenzhen Kehua Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to being a reliable EV charging equipment provider. 

With over 35 years of technology accumulation in the power electronics industry and a team of over 1000 R&D engineers, Shenzhen kehua provides a total EV charging solution. The product portfolio includes DC charging modules, AC chargers, DC fast chargers for EV charging and swap stations, megawatt charging systems, V2G charging equipment, and PV+ESS products. It was awarded The Best Charging and Swapping Equipment in China and Charging and Swapping Industry Influential Brands.

Kehua has five manufacturer bases covering an area of 320,000 m² with an annual production capacity of 2 million units. It is IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. In addition, its products have international certifications, such as CE and UL.


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