Shenzhen Kehua 30kW EV Charging Module with UL Certification

Shenzhen Kehua has reached a significant milestone with its 30kW EV Charging Module securing UL certification, reinforcing its commitment to providing reliable EV charging solutions meeting quality and performance standards. Let's explore the features of this reliable and stable charging module.

Reliability and Safety:

The Shenzhen Kehua 30kW EV Charging Module boasts a robust design and cutting-edge technological features that guarantee reliability and stability. With a nuclear-grade immersion coating for enhanced environmental protection, this module ensures long-lasting durability. It meets EMC Class B standards, making it suitable for residential areas.


Featuring automatic module address setup, this module streamlines intelligent O&M management, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

High Applicable:

With an output voltage range of DC 150 to 1000V, the Shenzhen Kehua 30kW EV Charging Module caters to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners. Its advanced algorithm library and PLL phase-locked loop algorithm ensure seamless integration with various power grids, enhancing its adaptability.

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Published on: 05/19/2024

Efficiency and Energy Savings:

Boasting a peak efficiency of up to 96% and low standby power consumption of less than 7.5W, this module delivers optimal performance and energy efficiency. Its maximum output current of up to 100A meets the demands of high-power charging scenarios.

Effective Heat Dissipation:

Employing four-dimensional fan speed control technology, Shenzhen Kehua ensures efficient thermal management by automatically adjusting fan speed based on operating conditions. This feature prolongs the lifespan and optimizes the performance of the charging equipment.

Stringent Quality Control:

Shenzhen Kehua prioritizes quality control throughout the manufacturing process, utilizing MES system barcode traceability technology and conducting rigorous factory testing. With a test accuracy exceeding 99%, this ensures product consistency and reliability.

About Shenzhen Kehua Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

With over 36 years of experience in power conversion, Shenzhen Kehua remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the EV charging industry. Committed to quality management and continuous improvement, Kehua strives to provide users with reliable, efficient, and safe charging solutions that meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market.


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