Semitech Semiconductor becomes a regular member of CharIN

Semitech adds support for another “Smart Power” application that adds efficiency and convenience to emerging use cases such as EV charging.

Semitech Semiconductor, an Australia based fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops, and markets highly versatile and robust low-cost communication devices for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has joined CharIN to further the adoption of the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds.

Semitech Semiconductor’s broad product portfolio includes Power Line Communications and Low-Power Wireless technologies that use “no new wires” to implement a communication network. Semitech’s GreenPHY chip, the SM3500, has been designed specifically to be the communication core for CCS based products in both the EV and the Charger.

“The Semitech team has a long history of developing and deploying communication chips that support global standards. GreenPHY and its application to the Combined Charging System is an ideal application for our customers.”
Stewart Gebbie, EMEA Sales Director
“Semitech has always believed development and support of standards enable great markets that bring value and convenience to global manufacturers and end users. We are excited to join the CharIN consortium so that we can further support and promote the quickly emerging EV charging application.”
Zeev Collin, CEO of Semitech

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Published on: 06/29/2022

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Zeev Collin

Semitech Semiconductor, CEO

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