Robust, reliable, scalable and easy to deploy charging solution for fleet electrification

Grid-eMotion™ Fleet offers all the advantages of centralized DC distribution when the installation of multiple fast chargers is required. It enables a seamless grid-to-plug connection combined with robust and compact outdoor rated enclosure to ensure easy and rapid deployments in small and large-scale applications.

Designed to electrify large-scale electric vehicle fleets, Grid-eMotion™ Fleet Integrated uses AC/DC centralized rectification and can be configured to charge up to 40 vehicles. The integrated charging system supports a low voltage grid connection up to 1MW charging power resulting in significant space reduction and a higher system efficiency. A direct connection to the medium voltage grid is also avail­able as an option.

Charging points are designed to ensure full interop­erability with current and future EV fleets charged in DC via a wide variety of standardized charging inter­faces. A cloud-based monitoring tool allows data collection and visualization as well as real-time re­mote access to multiple charging systems installed on the same site. Furthermore, the digital platform allows fleet operators to connect to advanced en­ergy management and fleet management software.


  • Plug-and-play concept
  • All-in-one design, factory assembled and tested
  • Compact design for reduced footprint
  • Reduced and simplified site works
  • Top lifting by crane or bottom lifting by forklift for easy relocation
  • Robust industrial grade design
  • Relocatable, expandable
  • Remote monitoring and control, on-cloud and on-premise through edge intelligence

Available options

  • Direct, sequential, or simultaneous charging
  • Direct connection to MV grids
  • Cloud-based remote monitoring
  • Energy Management System via OCPP, Modbus/TCP or OPC UA communication
  • Connectivity to back-end monitoring, control, fleet scheduling or asset management systems

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Published on: 02/01/2022

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