Qatar Autonomous e-Mobility Forum in Doha

Participation of our CharIN Managing Director MENA Ahmed Samir Elbermbali in the Autonomous e-Mobility Forum in Doha

At the end of last month, our CharIN Managing Director of MENA, Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, participated in the first edition of the Qatar Autonomous e-Mobility Forum in Doha.

His keynote speech was on the topic “Global Trends in Electrification”, in which he analyzed how to leverage the next step for electric mobility. Ahmed explained that governments in major automotive markets are accelerating the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) through targeted actions in five key policy areas.

The second speech specifically highlighted electrification trends in the Middle East, including existing policies and regulations, market developers in terms of electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure deployment, challenges, and opportunities.

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Published on: 05/20/2024

"The fifth is consumer awareness / fleet purchase requirements and that creates the demand that the investors need to invest sustainability and more infrastructure to introduce more EV’s."
Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, CharIN Managing Director MENA

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