Power electronics for rapid charging stations

Danfoss offers you expertise in collaborative development of easily parallelized and quickly expandable power electronics units. You can freely extend your charging station or redirect power for faster charging, making the best use of SiC power modules.

Danfoss offers customized Si and SiC power modules for a wide range of applications. As a chip-independent manufacturer, Danfoss can integrate several semiconductor suppliers within one module design for optimal supply security.  Danfoss products and knowhow in power conversion are highly relevant for rapid EV charging, other e-mobility applications, and energy storage.

With exceptional efficiency, bi-directional power flow and compact footprint, intelligent Danfoss solutions are backed up by extreme reliability based on tightly controlled quality processes. Combined with unique knowledge developed over decades of pioneering power electronics, the configuration opportunities for rapid EV supply equipment OEMs are limitless.

Only imagination limits the collaborative power electronics customization opportunities for rapid EV charging

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Published on: 03/23/2021

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Hannu Sarén

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