PNE SYSTEMS Co., LTD becomes a core member of CharIN

PNESYSTEMS is a long-running EV charger manufacturer with more than 19 years of experience.  We have a full line-up products, from 3kW slow chargers to 400kW ultra fast chargers, Hybrid chargers with ESS, and residential and commercial chargers.

PNE Systems' technology has been recognized both domestically and abroad, and currently exports quick chargers and ESS-embedded hybrid chargers to the Japanese market, and 2023 will mark the year of PNE Systems' leap to North America and Europe.

Based on our accumulated technological competitiveness and know-how, PNE Systems will continue to advance research and development and becomes the best electric vehicle charger manufacturer recognized in the domestic and overseas global markets

PNE Systems expects to cooperate and exchange information with various electric vehicle and charger manufacturers through membership of CharIN which leads the software standardization of electric vehicle charging methods

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