Plug becomes a regular member of CharIN

Plug builds, owns, and operates charging and shore power infrastructure for all types of vessels.

Plug was founded in 2018 and is based in Bergen, Norway. Our ambition is to speed up the construction of the necessary infrastructure so that all vessels, from the smaller leisure boats to the biggest cruise ships, can connect to both shore power and charging.

This year Plug opened the world’s first supercharger for boats (+150 kW) in Florø Norway. We currently own and operate a total of 29 chargers for boats across Norway, making up the worlds first network of chargers for electric boats.

We work with both national and international ports and collaborate with leading suppliers to get the best technology. We are always looking to find the best solutions for our projects, and we definitely see the need for a smart and safe way to provide high power charging for the future.

As a regular member of CharIN we hope to contribute to the invention of a high-power charging standard that we can use to charge larger boats, ferries, and other vessels. We are looking forward to being part of the CharIN community and take part in the definition of the future charging standards.
Maria Bos, CEO of Plug

Plugs charging network today consists of both DC and AC chargers, all build on the known charging technology and standards from electric cars with CCS plugs. The use of this technology enables ports and marinas to offer fast and safe charging for their customers.

Plug makes your port ready for the fully electric future!

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Published on: 01/19/2022