Nyobolt becomes a Regular member of CharIN

Fast Charging Accelerates the Future of Electric Mobility

Nyobolt, a pioneering company in advanced battery technology, is proud to announce its membership in CharIN (Charging Interface Initiative) Global, the leading organization dedicated to promoting interoperability of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure worldwide. This strategic alliance underscores Nyobolt’s commitment to advancing the future of electric mobility through innovative battery solutions and collaborative industry standards.

Nyobolt’s Commitment to Innovation

Nyobolt has consistently been at the forefront of battery technology innovation, focusing on high-performance, fast-charging batteries that address the critical needs of the EV market. The company's recent breakthroughs in Niobium Tungsten Oxide and Graphite dominant battery chemistries have set new benchmarks in energy density, charge times, and cycle life.

“Our membership in CharIN Global is a testament to Nyobolt’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in electric mobility”
Uwe Hotz, Head of Ecosystem Development at Nyobolt GmbH

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

As a member of CharIN, Nyobolt will engage in key initiatives to enable the adoption of EV charging standards like the Megawatt Charging System and enhance user experiences. The collaboration will involve active participation in working groups, sharing of technical expertise, and contributing to the development of innovative solutions that support the rapid transition to sustainable electric transportation.

We are excited to collaborate with other industry leaders to develop and implement standards that will make EV charging faster, more accessible and efficient for consumers worldwide.”
Uwe Hotz, Head of Ecosystem Development at Nyobolt GmbH

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Published on: 06/11/2024

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