MOTREX EV CO.,LTD becomes a Core member of CharIN

MOTREX EV is a leading "energy hub" company based on a smart grid network, energy control, and EV charging solutions.

As a member of CharIN, MOTREX EV expects to develop high-quality electric vehicle chargers.

MOTREXEV is part of the MOTREX group. We are a company that grows together with the market by proactively responding to changes in the automobile industry. We are leading the future of the automobile industry with our Automotive HMI technology, which connects people and machines. Our main business items include EV charger manufacturing and EV operation solution development.

Our high-quality chargers, built with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality control, meet diverse customer needs, providing safe and swift charging experiences. Additionally, our control platform offers comprehensive features such as real-time monitoring, remote control, and customer support, enabling efficient management of charging infrastructure. MOTREXEV delivers innovative solutions for sustainable mobility worldwide.

We plan to share the latest information and discuss future directions with a wide range of companies, from automobile manufacturers to parts suppliers. This will strengthen our relationships with electric vehicle users by expanding cooperation and contributing to the growth of the charger market and the improvement of service quality. We will actively participate in the technical development of electric vehicle charging standards to promote an eco-friendly future and a better tomorrow.

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Published on: 06/17/2024

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