Miller EV Solutions becomes a Regular member of CharIN

Miller EV Solutions Joins CharIN to Accelerate the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

Miller EV Solutions, a leading provider of comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions, today announced its membership in CharIN e.V., a global association dedicated to promoting interoperability and standards in EV charging. This strategic alliance reinforces Miller EV Solutions' commitment to advancing sustainable transportation and shaping the future of e-mobility.

A Shared Vision for the Future of EV Charging

Miller EV Solutions' membership in CharIN aligns with their mission to provide cutting-edge EV charging solutions that meet the highest industry benchmarks. By collaborating with CharIN and its members, Miller EV Solutions will actively participate in shaping international charging standards, ensuring seamless compatibility and user experiences across different EV models and charging networks.

The Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center (EVIDC): A Hub for Collaboration and Testing

Miller EV Solutions' state-of-the-art EVIDC, located at their headquarters, will play a pivotal role in their contribution to CharIN. This unique facility serves as a real-world testing and validation site for various charging technologies and protocols. By sharing anonymized data on charging behavior and user experiences, Miller EV Solutions will help refine standards and drive innovation within the EV charging industry.

Commitment to Interoperability and Global Standards

"We are thrilled to join CharIN and collaborate with industry leaders to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles"
Kerri Stewart, President at Miller EV Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer at Miller Electric Company.

Through active participation in CharIN working groups and initiatives, Miller EV Solutions will contribute their expertise to the development of new charging technologies and protocols. Their commitment to research and development will further enhance their ability to deliver top-tier EV charging infrastructure solutions to clients across the country.

"Our membership in CharIN reflects our dedication to interoperability and global standards, ensuring that our EV charging solutions are future-ready and accessible."
Kerri Stewart, President at Miller EV Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer at Miller Electric Company.

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Published on: 06/10/2024

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