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TÜV AUSTRIA is platinum sponsor at the 2nd CharIN Europe Testival that was held at comemso in Ostfildern, Germany on September 28-30

TÜV AUSTRIA has proven to be an enthusiastic supporter of CharIN’s vision to promote the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global charging standard for all kinds of electric vehicles, and its mission of interoperability enabling seamless charging between electric vehicles and chargers of different brands.

TÜV AUSTRIA combines technology, environment, and society to live the future in a resource-saving and safe way. E-mobility plays a major role in this, as the testing, inspection, and certification company from Vienna, Austria demonstrated at the 2nd Europe CharIN Testival at comemso during the last days, and with its latest investments in new test facilities for AC and DC charging (read more here).

As Platinum partner of the event, TÜV Austria took advantage of the opportunity to showcase proper services and products, to exchange with other members from the community, and to discuss with experts at the CharIN Tuesday, a virtual, educational session allowing the community and interested parties to get some insights from this great test event.

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“It’s undebatable that CharIN is playing a major role in making this charging systems interoperable. Therefore for us it is a pleasure being a sponsor for this event since we would like to actively support this transformation process towards e-mobility and of course it is an excellent opportunity to showcase our world-class test services to the various stakeholders,” said Stefan Haas, CEO of TÜV Austria during an interview with CharIN during the Europe Testival.

Thank you, sponsor, for your special engagement in supporting the CharIN alliance striving for clean transportation to save our planet for coming generations.

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Published on: 10/06/2021

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